"After him, my min..... God dammit. They're dead already? I should have gotten the two for one deal"
Lex Luthor after seeing his minions taken down by Superman

Minions of The Joker

Minions, also known as Fools, Weaklings, Human Body Shields, and fresh meat, were the guys that the real villains used to distract the heroes. They usually were weak mortals that were available at the underground Wal Marts throughout the world. All the Cool villains had them in mass, and any villain that couldn't afford them because they were to pathetic, were made slightly more powerful Super Minions. Calendar Man, The Killer Moth, Amygdala, Lil' Flav, and Humpty Dumpty were a few known Super minions. Never heard of them? That's because they are pathetic. You'll probably never hear they're names again after this.

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