President Warren "Mister Toxic" Harding was a real asshole. He dreamt up babies. He was President of the United States before Grand Poobah Fred Flintstone and was involved in a scandal or somethingI don't know He sold liquor to mobsters during the Prohibition Era under the pretense of giving them alchohol for "medicinal usage." He also sold overpriced oil to the government after buying it more cheaply. Ha, Ha. Yes, he was a fraduluent cool-for-school. He even slept with women in his closet behind his wife's back!!! Then, again, most of YOU do that, right? Whatever. All that matters is that he was a real asshole and once cloned himself to replicate his dick-ness. The clone started out as a homeless loser named Matt Groening, who was inspired by Booster Gold kicking him in the nuts to create a comedy cartoon show for adults, "The Simpsons", and later another show, "Futurama", with the help of an shit-alien called the Brain, who starred in a crappy 1980's horror film. The Brotherhood of Evil member called The Brain killed that extraterrestrial bastard because he stole his name, and both shows were quickly placed under Groening's supervision alone. Groening then conspired with President Harding to control the minds of the weak-willed into giving them money. A Brain-Globe of Rambat named Seth MacFarlane, an even bigger (but much less intelligent) asshole, ripped off Groening using a show named "Family Guy" and other unoriginal creations of mediocrity. Groening spared us all by shooting MacFarlane in the face, though he was reincarnated as Mister Terrific of the Justice Society of America. How long it takes for the JSA to discover the evil spy in their ranks is unknown. Anyway, Harding and Groening wanted to be united as one, so they fought Michael Jackson (dressed up as urban terrorist Bateman). In the end, they were combined into a disgusting blob named Homer Simpson, who was subsequently thrown into Arkham Asylum. After about a week of screaming about doughnuts and saying his poorly conceived catchphrase, "D'oh", Simpson was thrown by the Joker into a room full of Killer Klowns from Outer Space. They then combined their magic clown-powers to destroy Simpson, who was then dumped by Seth MacFarlane's dastardly robot Piga'Dgrifm into the Blob's mouth, making that fat fuck ten times fatter.

Mister Toxic displays the destructive powers of television. The guy next to him doesn't need to be known about. Forget him.

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