The Game

Just your average gamers looking to have some fun.

Multiverse: The Game is a project for Arkhampedia based on the concept of The Exiles. The brave heroes of this game are MMORPG players attempting to beat a game where you go from Multiverse to Multiverse, with specific missions along the way. The first season takes place in 2002.

In true Exiles fashion, every time a players character dies, the Tallus summons another multiverse character for them to play as. This leads to an infuriating never ending battle with Nazis, Zombies, and Commies are the way through space and time.

The series will feature characters from all comic books, and will not be just limited to Marvel Comics characters. It will be updated every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The first strip premiered on March 10th, 2011. The series has been temporarily canceled.

Current InstallmentsEdit

Multiverse: The Game 1Edit

"Here we go..."

X-Box 2
"Everyone ready to go?"

The Game
Billy:"This is gonna be epic, guys."

"Whats the name of this game anyway, Billy?"

"Its called Multiverse. Its supposed to be some kind of game where you go from different comic scenarios."

"But what really got my attention was the fact that whenever you die, you are just created a brand new character to play as."

"So, in other words, you can't truly die, so its going to be a cake walk."

"Tis not the challenge I had though it would be, friend."

"C'mon, its just time for all of us to hang out. Just start the game."

Mikey: "Shh, its starting..."
dramatic music sounds...

Greg: "Sweet graphics, Man."
Jen: "Yeah, it looks pretty."

Mikey:"Why is the Moon on fire?"
dramatic music hits a climax, signaling a big scene ahead...


The Game
Mikey:Who has defiled the cut scene?"

"C'mon. It was sooo fuckin' boring."

Multiverse: The Game 2Edit

Billy is now Morph

Sabretooth Game
Mikey is now Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth

Spider-Man 2099 Game
Casey is now Spider-Man 2099

Longshot Game
Greg is now Longshot

Blink Game
Jen is now Blink

The Game

Exiles Game
" what now?"

Hellboy vs Hound
"Take that, ya ugly bag of crap!"

The Game
. . .

Multiverse: The Game 3Edit

Spider-Man 2099 Game

Its your fault
Greg: "You idiot! If you hadn't skipped the cutscene we'd at least know who the hell to attack!"

Spider-Man 2099 Game
"Isn't it obvious? We attack the one that looks like a demon."

Jen:But they both look like demons!
Hellboy:Damned freak, no tongue on the first date!

"Then we attack them both! Common sense says if it looks like a monster, attack it."

Longshot Game
"You've obviously never played D & D"

Sabretooth Game
"Fine, I shalt cast thy fury upon---"

Hellboy plants Sabretooth
"Oh, I don't think so."

Hellboy's gotcha
"You ain't gonna do nothin'"

"This... I had not foreseen."

Multiverse: The Game 4Edit

Hellboy's gotcha
"Now, I'm not a very good shot... but this gun shoots Really big bullets."

Its your fault
Casey: What? What did I do?

Multiverse pause menu
Billy:Thats it, I'm pausing this.

The Game
Greg: Press X not to die...
Greg presses X

It says... "The Tallus... your key to transport between dimensions. But its more than that. The Tallus tells you what you must do in that reality in order to set things right... Oh, here it is. We have to kill...

Hellboy's gotcha
Greg: Oh boy...
I took care of that monster. You look like reasonable folks, so I'll give you a warning...

2099 game attacking
Don't worry, I got him. Lets see if he can take a punch...

Hellboy kills

Spider-Man 2099 Game
Spider-Man 2099 has been eliminated.


Multiverse: The Game 5Edit

Okay, my character can morph into any shape... lets give this a try...

Morph and Hellboy
Hellboy: You wanna dance, you slab of white past?

Too easy
Didn't even put up a fight.

Longshot Knives
Lets see him dodge these!

Blink on attack
Let me help!

Hellboy hurt
Is that... all.. you guys got?

Don't worry guys, I'm respawning. I'll kick his candy ass.

Casey is now Headpool

The Game
. . .

...what the fuck?





Mikey isn't much of an actual gamer as he is a D & D fanatic. However, in an age where sitting in your Mothers basement playing a D & D has widely been replaced by sitting in your Father's study playing World of Warcraft, when his friends came to him with a new Superhero X-Box MMORPG, he jumped in whole-heartily. He is currently playing as Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth.



Billy is an excellent gamer by any standards. Any game he touches seems to turn into gold... or earn him gold. He's never met a game he couldn't beat, but this would prove to be his downfall. Because in a game where every time you die you get a new character with new abilities... are you sure you want to stay alive the entire time? He is currently playing as Morph.



Casey is more of a Call of Duty man than a WoW player. He spends his night effortlessly prestiging on Black Ops, and his days PWNing n00bs on Halo: Reach. But MMORPGs are a whole different breed. Will he be able to adapt to the others playing style? Or will he just throw himself into the danger zones without thinking? His character is currently dead.



Greg is an old fashion RPGer. He remembers Final Fantasy VII and the original Fallout as lasting, loving memories. He's more likely to jump online to play Runescape than he is Starcraft or Empire at War. No, this older gamer loves a classic. But, since his buds are trying out this new MMORPG, he might as well pitch in and give it a shot. He is currently playing as Longshot.



Jen is Billy's girlfriend. She's not really a hardcore gamer, but more of a touch and go Nintendo DS kind of girl. But, since Billy wanted to try this game so bad, she figured why not go with him? she could learn some things and keep an eye on her man at the same time. She is currently playing as Blink.

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