Spider-Man 2099 Game

Its your fault
Greg: "You idiot! If you hadn't skipped the cutscene we'd at least know who the hell to attack!"

Spider-Man 2099 Game
"Isn't it obvious? We attack the one that looks like a demon."

Jen: "But they both look like demons!"
Hellboy: "Damned freak, no tongue on the first date!"

"Then we attack them both! Common sense says if it looks like a monster, attack it."

Longshot Game
"You've obviously never played D & D"

Sabretooth Game
"Fine, I shalt cast thy fury upon---"

Hellboy plants Sabretooth
"Oh, I don't think so."

Hellboy's gotcha
"You ain't gonna do nothin'"

"This... I had not foreseen."

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