Hellboy's gotcha
"Now, I'm not a very good shot... but this gun shoots Really big bullets."

Its your fault
Casey: What? What did I do?

Multiverse pause menu
Billy:Thats it, I'm pausing this.

The Game
Greg: Press X not to die...
Greg presses X

It says... "The Tallus... your key to transport between dimensions. But its more than that. The Tallus tells you what you must do in that reality in order to set things right... Oh, here it is. We have to kill...

Hellboy's gotcha
Greg: Oh boy...
I took care of that monster. You look like reasonable folks, so I'll give you a warning...

2099 game attacking
Don't worry, I got him. Lets see if he can take a punch...

Hellboy kills

Spider-Man 2099 Game
Spider-Man 2099 has been eliminated.


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