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"I've betrayed you and sent you on unnecessary suicide missions again just because I can!"
― The Chief addresses the Doom Patrol

The Chief is an angry old man in a wheel chair who controls the entire Doom Patrol by simultaneously being one of the world's greatest geniuses and douchebags. His team is composed almost entirely of freaks, but this is his fault, because he intentionally put them all through horrible accidents so that they could become his own personal superheroes to play around with. His favorite thing to do is risk the lives of everybody he knows simply because he can. He has no problem betraying any of his closest friends to their deaths if it means the slightest convenience for him... he saves the world, so fuck you. This attitude has led to a decrease in popularity, and the commercial failure of most Doom Patrol merchandise, including the "Tickle-Me Chief" action figurine.

He is believed to have lost the usage of both his legs in a battle with the General Immortus that took place while he was still a young and naive junior scientist attending his high school prom. This quickly made him a much more interesting person, and inspired him to ruin other people's lives in favor of his own personal vendetta. He created Robotman, Elasti-Girl and Negative Man by poisoning each of them, blowing them up, or a mixture of those two things. Despite the strength of his character that allows him to completely butcher standard morality in favor of doing whatever he feels like, he retains one weakness... a crippling addiction to his favorite substance, Chocolate.

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