Old Justice 001

Handicapable Seniors

"Suck my dick, bitch!"
Superboy disrespecting his elders

Old people are the scariest thing in the entire world. They are walking reminders of the death that awaits us all, inevitably, approaching closer and closer every day. Each one is but a shadow of their former selves, existing only to serve as an omen from God that we are next. Although these poor wretched souls were at one time humans, they are now better described as anti-life. They are the opposite of children, who still bring dread into our lives, but through different means. Luckily, in extreme cases, there are ways of putting a stop to their cold bitter shadow of an existence.

In an effort to prove themselves not completely useless to society, some of them have formed proactive groups proving that despite their old age, and their old bodies, and their old minds, and their old everything else, they can still wear young clothes. This was the basis for the original Justice Society of America. Although formidable in name, they live in fear of the day that the Teen Titans finally succeed in their attempts to pass a law for mandatory euthanasia in congress.

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