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―The Penguin

The Penguin is a short unattractive and generally unpleasant little man who runs the entirety of the Gotham City crimeworld for no apparent reason. While that sort of job would usually require both charisma and a degree of physical ability, the Penguin requires none of those things, only needing an umbrella. Batman usually stomps on him like a goomba.


Early lifeEdit

As a child, the Penguin loved birds. He looooved birds. But then the birds got killed and he swore vengeance upon the entire world! That's how it happened. Got it?

Terrorist savantEdit

The first natural choice for any up and coming villain is to locate themselves in the nearest city with a hero who would be sufficiently able to stop them. That's the way the system works. The Penguin made an umbrella for every possible scenario so he could combat the urban terrorist Batman, excluding the scenarios where Batman avoided his first umbrella... that was usually about where his plans fell apart, because carrying multiple umbrellas is unwieldy, and looks kind of silly.

Some time with the Suicide Squad, which almost got him killed, straightened him out a little bit. He learned to crime smarter, and not just harder.

Business man... Ladies man...Edit

Eventually, the Penguin got tired of stealing the same sculptures of birds from museums over and over again, and turned to a villain's last resort: legitimate business! As the owner of the profitable Iceberg Lounge club and bar, he rakes in money and women like he's getting payed for it. Which he is, except the second part.

Once a villainEdit

Of course, heroes are boring. We all know it to be true. The Penguin was doing a really good job, and he hung out with the Riddler a lot, which was nice because they both needed friends. But Intergang was making a fuss, and the Outsiders promised to hang out with him on weekends, but they forgot because Batman got killed. War on the entire world! War on the entire world! The Penguin now spends most of his time fighting Two-Face, because neither of them can agree on anything and Two-Face refuses to see a counselor with him.

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