Piga'Dgrifm was a psychotically obsese android created by the dastardly idiot Seth MacFarlane. GIven the human alias of Peter Griffin, Piga'Dgifrm and his cybernetic fake family starred in that crappy show, "Family Guy", a ripoff of "The Simpsons", which, in turn, was created by Matt Groening. After MacFarlane was shot in the face by Groening, his evil threat to the world seemingly ended, Piga'Dgrifm went to Apu's Kwik-E-Mart to buy stuff and got in a fight with a Street Fighter character. Later still, the sinister Piga'Dgrifm shoved the dead body of Homer Simpson down the Blob's throat, making him ten times fatter. Even more so than the Joker, Piga'Dgrifm is the Earth's greatest villain, but don't tell Joker that or he'll kill you perform a magic trick.

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