The professor pointing to the largest faggot of them all.

Professor Hershel Layton
, known as Prof. Pimp for short, is a world-renowned archeologist and professor at London's Gressenheller University.    He has travelled the world with his accomplice, a 12 year old boy, got high in a train station and helped flood an innocent village.  


Hershel was born in an alley around the back of the local Sainsbury's where he was left in a dumpster.  Somehow, over a period of years, he became a gentleman, went to Uni and fucked up some shit.  After a significant amount of time, he left to pursue a career in creative dance, but fell over a lot so went back to teach archeology at a University for some ungrateful little shits who kept failing their exams and not handing in their papers because they were too busy watching BBW on their iPhones.  Hershel was fired after four weeks work.

Recent AdventuresEdit

After the success of his video game series he created of himself using advanced technology and Japanese slaves, he decided to go on a tour of the USA, licking as many nipples as possible and getting drunk with nuns.  On the 3rd of May 2013, Hershel attended a Baptism at a local bakery but has not been seen since.  Lengend has it that he ate so many sausages and fell down a well where he shat himself and died of implosive, projectile diarrhoea.

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