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In his spare time, Eobard Thawne is also the arch-nemesis of Emeril Lagasse.

"How I hate my arch-nemesis the Flash! His stupid old-fashioned sense of right and wrong! His egotistical declarations of heroism! His soft luscious lips! The twinkle in his eye when he smiles! The way he holds me when he's caught me so forcefully, and he pins me down and all I want is for him to finally just press his face to mine and... wait, what were we talking about?"
― Professor Zoom

Professor Zoom, also known as the Reverse-Flash, is the total and complete opposite of the Flash. He hates the Flash! Hates everything he stands for! Especially that dreadful color scheme. His mission in life is to destroy the Flash, because he loves him and wants to be more like him... by killing him. Needless to say, the man is crazier than three bunny rabbits hopped up on meth. This would not be a big problem, except Zoom also has super-speed and can splatter your brains onto the pavement sixty times before they hit the ground. The dude is a dangerous mutha.

He has many nefarious schemes to take over the Flash's life after disposing of him. Most of these include trying on Barry Allen's underpants when he's not home. He frequently has to be shooed out of the house so that Barry and his wife Iris West can get biz-zay. However, due to Zoom's powers of time travel, he is never gone for long. Other plans to emulate and kill his idol include buying Flash t-shirts, writing about him on the internet, and jacking off on his lawn ornaments in the middle of the night. Recently, Professor Zoom tried to drink the Ratchet-lookin' incarnation of Bizarro under the belief that he was made of quicksilver that could make him faster, but he got freakin' killed.

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