Ras al ghul

Ra's al Ghul

"It truly has been a long time, but the true battle is about to begin. Here I come, Freaks!"
―Ra's al Ghul

Ra's al Ghul is a grandmaster of the ninja arts. He may be a respected villian, but he makes a lot of stupid mistakes. He slips on banana peels all the time or dropping weapons right as he attacks. For backup, he's got his daughter, Talia, and his minion, the Scarecrow. He has been troubled ever since a crazy Arabic Prince killed his wife.


During a party in the Gotham City Museum, Ra's broke in and stole a priceless Japanese goblin sword. He used this to control the minds of people. He also tried to attack Batman with it, but it slipped out of his hand right as he attacked Baleman. Ra's barely escaped with his life, and also got "Slapped silly" several times. In every Major Battle, Ra's falls off or down something and screams "Yargh!" He finally met his end in a battle with Baleman on the roof of Arkham Asylum. Baleman Struck him so hard he fell off the Heliport and into a dumpster, which rolled down into a trash compactor, which had just been activated.

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