Vril Dox raped

The horror. The vaguely arousing and oddly compelling horror.

"...and I didn't call her back the next morning, or ever again."
Doctor Light, a monster in every sense of the word

Rape is a form of sexual intercourse that usually takes place between handsome yet vulnerable male superheroes and hot sexy evil supervillain women. It is the best kind of intercourse, because instead of all of that courtship and flirting nonsense about obtaining consent, things are a lot simpler and easier for everyone involved. It's a wholesome activity that people can lie back and enjoy peacefully at all ages.

However, especially in recent years, this method has become increasingly controversial. In particularly extremist examples, it has occurred with men using it on women, which is sick and morally wrong to talk about or portray. Thankfully, this is much less common than the arousing way that normally happens in real life, as god intended.

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