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"I wear black to match the color of my soul."
― Raven

Raven is a Teen Titan superhero powered entirely by emo. Also something about the dark forces of evil, but mostly pure concentrated emo. That she fires at people. Out of her hands.


Raven is the daughter of a demon and... some lady who was not a demon. After she was born, she was taken to some wierd place called Azarath and raised there all alone. She was raised to never show any displays of emotion, lest an unspeakable evil be unleashed upon the world. Naturally, she spends most of her time hanging out with the angstiest whiniest teenagers on earth to teach her. Well, at least the whole thing keeps her from sleeping with Beast Boy.


Raven directly harnesses pure emo from her surroundings. This includes parental struggles, tight jeans, long bangs, members of the opposite sex not being interested in you, and really fashionable suicide. She is also able to draw power directly from the iPods of crying children. Raven's emo is so contagious, she can change others around her into emos. (by manipulating their emotions through her empathic abilities, yada yada yada...Point is, you don't want to be around her. But being alone makes her even more emo, so...)


  • If Raven were to ever put her loved ones in danger by exposing her emotions, it would probably be really, really cool.
  • To keep herself alive, Raven must regularly consume the delicious, sweet sweet tears of girls who have just been dumped.
  • Raven has never taken her cloak off. Even when she goes to sleep. Even when it's in the laundry.

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