"Wow. Holy fucking red robin rolling rollocking wow."
Robin, upon seeing this.

Some heroes are awesome. Some heroes are just so awesome, just so badass, that they can do anything. Even rescue kittens out of trees. Even rescue kittens out of trees canonicly. Their ability to save the kitty has been recognized by canon. Now that is ability. Invariably, the rescue of the kitten was followed by an old/young lady weeping as her kitten was handed back to her, with the groans of the superhero as his or her spandex was soiled by the nasty things kittens do when they're scared. This isn't a fair payback. This isn't a fair deal. But it makes the superhero look pretty awesome, makes villains look like losers who can't do this, let's admit it, fantastic ability, and gains many people popularity points. It also allows the hero or heroine to have a picture of themselves on the front cover of numerous newspapers. Let's face it, that's what we all want. So, at the end of the day, soiled spandex and a bit of wasted time is a fair enough deal.

List of superheroes to do thisEdit

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