Blood 2

Deep down he just wants to be cuddled... and to sparkle in the sunlight...

"Because our lord and savior, Trigon, made you that way. Because you are perfect in every fashion, Raven. Because I really like you. Like you, like you... but I don't like your friends."
―Young Sebastion to Raven after her resurrection. Nothings wrong with Emo, but come on, don't you think your taking it just a little to far?

Lets see here... Sebastian Blood.. the Ninth?

Blood obsession? Check.

Obsession with fake Mothers? Check.

Crappy Costume? Check.

Stalking a woman who doesn't want him? Check.

Bites Opponents? Check.

Age... 14? Check.

Ready the shields, Fanboys, we got a Twilight obsession gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Shouldn't you, like, be in school instead of running a cult?



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