Been waiting

That magical moment in every teenage boy's life when he becomes a man by having sex with a freaky assassin chick who only has one eye.

"Robin! Shield your eyes!"

Sexual intercourse is... well, it's... umm... it's a lot of fun. It's where babies come from. It's why men listen to women talk about marriage. It's pretty much the best thing that will ever happen to your friends but not you. Although there are a lot of complicated emotional issues attached to sex, it's important to remember that no matter how it happens, it's always awesome.

Easily mistaken with love by gullible women.

General informationEdit

Beginner's guideEdit

When a fanboy and a fangirl love each other very much, they may choose to take things to the next level. "Sex" is what you call it when the boy takes his Boom Tube and puts it in the girl's Mother Box to stimulate both parties. Really, you should try it sometime.

Nine months later, if you were doing it correctly, the Stork will bring you a smiling new child for you to use as your personal slave. They're like dogs that can talk!


But believe it or not, sex isn't always so great. There are some people who don't like having children. Can you imagine that? Hating a baby!? This is why it's always important to use protection, so you don't get any unwanted sidekicks or STDs.

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