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The only way to completely prevent Starro is abstinence

"Me am not have Bizarro. The unimportant thing am not, me spread Bizarro to my partner."

A Sexually Transmitted Disease is a contagious illness that can be transmitted through contact of a sexual nature. These are particularly prevalent in small groups of people where everybody is having sex with each other.



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One of the worst and most common STDs is Starro. Starros are alien starfish-like creatures attempting to take over the world... one drunken hookup at a time. Symptoms include, a large starfish with an eyeball latching itself onto your face, or other body parts. In some individuals, this may cause complete mind control. The Starro spread themselves from organ to organ by latching on and hanging for dear life by their pores. While most Starros cannot cling to condoms, the only consistently proven way to avoid catching Starro is by abstaining from sexual intercourse. This includes vaginal, oral and anal sex. When looking for signs of Starro in a prospective partner... check if their genitalia are covered by a gigantic green starfish. You can't get Starro if it's both of your first time.


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This is why you should avoid office romances

Another of the worst STDs out there is Bizarro. You might look for chalky craggly skin, and exaggerated features. A Bizarro might also be irrational, and their logic is completely backwards. Sounds like my ex-girlfriend was one. The important thing to remember is, anybody can be a Bizarro. And it can even be transmitted by kissing, if you're not careful. If you think you might have contracted Bizarro, remember: IT AM NOT BEST FOR BIZARRO TO GET UNTESTED JUST OUT OF CASE.

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