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Deathstroke is a villain who hates the Teen Titans. He is one of the disturbingly large number of #1 deadliest people in the world. Spawned from the loins of Steelpool, he and his half-brother Deadpool are slowly embarking on the task of killing everything ever. Although originally good-hearted, he turned evil when being forced to kill his best friend drove him insane.


Family tiesEdit

Deathstroke is a rebel without a cause, or a name. Most of his family was killed through indirect contact involving the Teen Titans, but his family is really just super accident-prone. He received top military training, and learned that the best way to kill people involved dressing up in a blue and orange costume and carrying a gigantic unwieldy sword.

His son, Ravager died in a pathetic attempt to kill the Titans, largely due to his own incompetence. It was mainly because of peer pressure anyways.

His other son, Jericho joined the Titans, and then Deathstroke killed him. Those goddamn Titans!

Starfire killed his wife, but the lady was literally asking for it. Still though, not cool.

His illegitimate daughter also hates him because of the Titans, but she's psychotic, so who cares?

They're a troubled bunch, those Wilsons. But somehow, almost magically, every year they still manage to come together for a good old-fashioned family-style Thanksgiving.

Messing with peopleEdit

Deathstroke screws with people all the time. For the world's most deadly killer though, he rarely kills anybody important. But he did turn Geo-Force's little sis Terra evil, and use her to infiltrate superheroes. He also totally was tapping that.

Later, he burned down Green Arrow's apartment building, but didn't actually killy anybody then either... not even Speedy.

Probably the best thing he ever did was team up with Lex Luthor, Black Adam, Talia al Ghul, Doctor Psycho and the Calculator to form the Secret Society of Super-Villains. During Infinite Crisis, they almost did really well in an attack on Metropolis. Almost. Actually, they ended up disbanding, and Deathstroke got his fat ass handed to him by Batman.

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