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"In bed."

Green Arrow, as a hero whose only weapon was outdated several centuries ago, requires some help in the field. Speedy is his sidekick, taking the name because it sounds kind of cool, and maybe it will make him faster. He wears red in contrast, because everybody likes Christmas colors!

Roy HarperEdit

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Arrow's original ward, Roy Harper learned most of his archery from some heavily stereotypical American Indians on the reservation he grew up on. Roy was also a founding member of the Teen Titans. He could fight off criminals just fine... but not the allure of delicious, delicious heroin. Which alienated him from Papa Arrow, who couldn't believe that as a liberally-motivated hero he would ever be forced to face controversial issues in his supporting cast. But Roy got better, in some issues that nobody actually read because recovering drug addicts are boring. Changing his name to Arsenal, he worked for Checkmate and the Outsiders. But he decided that was too creative, and became Red Arrow when he joined the Justice League of America.

Mia DeardenEdit

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It doesn't matter how old their former sidekicks get, true heroes stay exactly the same age for their entire lives. But Mia Dearden was different... she had AIDS!!! Also, she was much cuter and peppier. She joined the Teen Titans too, but eventually left so she could spend more time flirting with the tasty Connor Hawke.

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