Exactly what the picture says, you idiot.

A bottom-feeder from the most grimy depths of the ocean, Spingebill Skorpleponce, A.K.A. Spengbab, is an eldritch horror and best friend of Cthulhu. He is also friends with General Portrick Starr, the minion of Giygas, Skodwarde Torntarkles, who would become President of the United States before Fred Fredburger, and Eogschiyne Krobbles, alias "Moar Krabs." An ambitious man with dreams of stardom, Skorpleponce became President of the United States by throwing candy into crowds of voters, consequently earning their allegiance. Anyone smart enough to oppose him would be destroyed by his bestial "pet", Gharriey. Once president, Skorpleponce used his position to become the star of a children's cartoon show in his alter ego of SpongeBob SquarePants. Achieving his ultimate goal, Skorpleponce became a supporter of Steve Brule in the next presidential election, with full knowledge that General Portrick was altering the outcome of the voting process to benefit his dark master. However, his television show was soon cancelled and replaced by something that Miranda Cosgrape starred in, leaving ex-President Skorpleponce embittered. When his other friend Skodwarde Torntarkles became the new president, Spingebill hired Deadpool to trick him into eating calamari instantly after his Inauguration Speech, making him feel so bad that he committed suicide. Spingebill Skorpleponce was recently lobotomized by President Fred Fredburger and turned into his unfunny court jester. As punishment for not being humorous, Fredburger had the Joker unleash his magic trick on Spingebill. He was a Communist sympathizer in the Cold War.

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