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Stan Lee, Martial Master of Marvel

Stan Lee or His Almighty Awesomness or Co-Almighty Lord of the Marvel Universe was an ex-martial arts expert who was made the Co-God of the Marvel Universe by God. Lee's partner was Jack Kirby, the Prince of Puffballs.

Martial Arts CareerEdit

Lee became a black belt in six martial arts by age 4. He was better then Jackie Chan and...those other martial arts stars like...Yo Yo Ma and...Yu-Gi-Oh. Yep... Anyway he beasted bla bla bla, beat the shit out of Jackie Chan, Rocky, two junk yard dogs, and the entire New York Giants football team at the same time.

Unfortunately, Lee's career ended at age 12 when he killed <insert name here>

in a fight. He was banned from all comepetions and stripped of all awards. He soon became a peniless tween. God took pity on Lee and aged him twenty years and made him Co-God of the Marvel Universe. Of course, the God already, Jack Kirby was pissed, but God's word is final. Just ask Bale and Bateman.


Amalgam Universe

The DC and Marvel Universes fighting to the death.

Whoa...I just created a new word...Awesome! Anyway Stan helped Kirby create the heroes of the Silver Age and became a renowned God on the Council of Gods, a council of the Gods of Comics. Stan Lee had a brief spout with Kane, another God on the Council, after a fight during a Council meeting. This caused a cross universe conflict creating one universe, the Amalgam universe where the superheroes from the Marvel universe were forced to fight heroes from the DC universe and vice versa. Even some villians were involved. Fourtunately for the two squabbling galaxy's (who didn't want to fight, but were forced to with the fear they would be destroyed if they didn't), God stepped in with the help of some minor dieties and fixed the two universes. He sent the two(Stan Lee) offenders by sending them to live with You-Know-Who in a locked trailer for eight months. To prevent He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned from being killed, he made You-Know-Wheeler-Nicholson invincible for the eight month period. It practically drove Lee and Kane insane. They never crossed God again. Of course, no one should cross God, but Stan got lucky.

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