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"So, what, your just gonna dump me? After all we've been together? Is that all I was to you? A cheap lay? I have feelings, Kory!"
Dick Grayson

Starfire is an alien member of the Teen Titans who left her home planet to explore the reaches of space, and make it with hot pale-skinned human males. It's a little degrading, and she does tend to hit it and quit it quite a lot. But she's from a different planet, and the standards are different. Just try not to get too emotionally attached.


Joining the TitansEdit

Starfire joined the Teen Titans because her entire race was probably killed, or something. Did you read the issue? No? Good. Don't look it up.

Her race learns language and cultural traits by making out with boys in skin-tight uniforms. And she immediately started dating Robin, which made Batgirl soooo mad.

As with all of her relationships, this did not last long. She, to put it bluntly, is an alien whore.

After joining the TitansEdit

While her friends got bored and went on to form a new group of Outsiders, Kory kept chilling at Titans Tower to mentor the newer kids with Cyborg, like Superboy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, younger Robin, etc. Mostly, because all of her stuff was there, and she didn't want to have to move.

And then, she did some more thingsEdit

During 52, Starfire, Animal Man and Adam Strange all got trapped on the far side of the universe, where she spent most o9f her time bathing naked in pools and hitting on Animal Man. Lobo helped them get back though, and now it's cool. She made some new friends, though.

Mostly, her job right now is to hang out with the Titans in the skimpiest bikini she can find. It's a good job. Thank you, DC.


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