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"She was like the glue that held all of us together, and stuck to me throughout my whole life, never letting go, never stopping with the incessant nagging, and never putting out."
Ralph Dibny

Sue Dibny is a rape victim. This is the only important thing about her character, at all, and it's all you ever need to know about her. At one point, in the before time, she was also recognized as being the cute wife of the Elongated Man and an honorary member of the Justice League. That past was forever corrupted and destroyed many years later, when DC Comics sent Doctor Light to consummate the shit out of her from behind. This was part of a complicated plot to drain crying fanboys of their energy, because DC Editors like your tears. After this, she was brutally murdered by Jean Loring's little magic trick, forever ruining all comics and making everything in the world completely unreadable. It is requested that after this debacle you kindly switch to Marvel Comics, where everything is still fun and sweet and nobody ever gets boo-boos.

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