Superman cartoon showdown

One of the many patriotic images in the homeland series. In the Military version, Lois is shooting a gun into the sky, trying to control her pleasure.

The Superman Animated Shorts Series were a number of technicolor movies based on the Superman character, released in the 1940's. They were released to both Joe public and the military to boost troop and civilian morale.

The movies at home told the story of an alien boy, who fell from the sky, grew up in the old US-of-A, and was fighting the good fight against Hitler and Tōjō. It spoke of the epic battles between Superman and any and all threats to these United States.

But, soldiers didn't want to see that crap! On the front lines, you see enough signs of patriotism without a guy in a cape and underwear over his pants telling them what to do!

So, technicolor sent them what a soldier really wants after being stationed in the dirt, grime, mud, snow, and sand for months on end.


Yes, that's right. Superman Porn.

List of homefront Superman ShortsEdit

  • Superman (animated short)
  • The Mechanical Monsters
  • Billion Dollar Limited
  • The Arctic Giant
  • The Bulleteers
  • The Magnetic Telescope
  • Electric Earthquake
  • Volcano
  • Terror on the Midway
  • Japoteurs
  • Showdown
  • Eleventh Hour
  • Destruction, Inc.
  • The Mummy Strikes
  • Jungle Drums
  • The Underground World
  • Secret Agent

List of Military Superman Porn ShortsEdit

  • Superman, Pimp from the Stars
  • The Mechanical Dildo
  • Billion Dollar Tits
  • The Arctic Giant
  • The Cumguzzlers
  • Lex Luthor: the Peeping Tom
  • Lava Treatment
  • The Tearing at Mid-Day
  • China Whorehouse
  • Orgy Showdown
  • The Eleventh Day
  • SuperDick, Inc.
  • The Frogasms
  • Jungle Heat
  • Hidden Underneath
  • D-Day: You'd have never seen this coming

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