1800's SuBo

Susan in 1803

Susan Boyle 
is the infamous lover of all things green.  She also sings things.


Born in 1785, Susan Boyle grew up in Scotland, where she was first introduced to the colour green.  After years of experience, she went on to found the Colour Green Appreciation Society.  Despite her love of green, she refused to wear anything of the colour.  She also began singing in 1987 and still does to this day.  She is FAB.

Modern DayEdit

Susan is a known member of the Scientology Cult and spends countless days worshipping Cthulu.  When she's not doing this, she sings songs for the world and has been known to sing for the Queen of England twice!


  • Susan's favourite colour is green
  • She also had a dream, much like MLK Jr.
  • Her dream was of time gone by.
  • She likes shopping at Sainsbury's
  • Susan begins with the letter S.


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