Swamp Thing was an extremely intelligent superhero. He was so incredibly smart that he was able to figure out the meaning of life. I know what you are thinking. What is the meaning of life? Well, he never told any human, but he did tell a lot of plants in the Florida Everglades. His amazing ability to communicate to plants won him a Nobel Peace Prize.

Origin Edit

During the 1970s sitcoms loved to makes jokes about how much kids hate broccoli. They would do show after show and take after take of kids throwing away and wasting broccoli. Eventually, all of this broccoli ended up in the Florida Everglades. After a few years and a small dose of radiation Swamp Thing came to life.

Early LifeEdit

He floated around the Swamps for years looking for love and talking to plants. He ended up staying in John Fogerty's house, because John was born on a bayou and understood Swamp Thing's lament.

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