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"Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Bat-Sex!"
― Talia al Ghul enjoys her evening

Talia al Ghul is the daughter of Batman's arch-nemesis Ra's al Ghul, and also his baby-momma. Her two favorite activities are trying to kill Batman, and trying to have sex with him. But Robin can be a total cock-blocker.

She and her ninja buddies hate your freedom! The other most common thing that gets in the way of her love for the Dark Knight is the fact that she is frequently engaged in plots of global genocide. And not the cool kind, either. The sucky kind.

By far the almost deadliest woman in the world except for a whole bunch of exceptions, she is nearly not quite but sort of a match for Batman physically as well! But the one battle against him she can never win is the battle of marriage. She can never truly have Batman's love. But she can kill anybody else who wants it! That means you, fangirls.


  • The birth of Damian Wayne makes Talia one of very few true comic book MILFs.

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