Tally Man 01

Come Mr. Tallyman, tally me bananas

Born in the ghettoes of Sesame Street, the Tally Man is obsessed with counting, and takes this out by counting people before he kills them... or something. Emotional trauma as a child caused him to dress up in a frilly nancy outfit and shoot people for money. He's very sensitive about his dearly departed mother. He hangs out in Gotham City, and usually gets his ass kicked by Batman.

A Gentleman and a KillerEdit

Tally Man 02

You leave my mother out of this!

When he first appeared, the Tally Man was a douchebag mentally disturbed villain who believed the best way to solve the personal injustices he suffered as a child was to put on a dress robe, and a very tall hat, and murder people for money. He bought a gun that made the noise "Kchow" and used his terrifying theme of numerical order to strike fear into the hearts of men. After No Man's Land, he probably got bored or something, and stopped showing up for awhile. Two-Face may or may not have killed him. He came back during Infinite Crisis because obscure villains in group shots make fanboys wet themselves with glee.

Everybody is cooler when they're blackEdit

Tally Man 03

New Duds

Later, a second Tally Man appeared, who didn't have a gimmick but he was a lot cooler looking. Although he was capable of killing more popular villains like the Ventriloquist, Magpie, and even top assassin KGBeast, he still got his sorry lame ass beaten down by a lousy cripple. The whole thing was part of a bizarrely convoluted plan to make Harvey Dent go crazy again by the Great White Shark. For no apparent reason, he was never seen ever ever again. Ever.

Later careerEdit

Sesame Street - Count Up To Nine

Sesame Street - Count Up To Nine

Counting up to 9mm

Eventually, the Tally Man gave up his lucrative career as a psychopath to become a music star, reaching the top of the charts with hit after hit reminiscent of his career as a gangster. He continues a feud with fellow popular musical artist Fifty Cent, who he is responsible for shooting those nine times. He is currently in rehab for his counting problem, although trying to fix that with a 12-step program probably isn't the best of ideas.

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