Spaceballs - When Will Then Be Now?02:13

Spaceballs - When Will Then Be Now?

The Spaceballians have stumbled onto an apocalyptic crisis of epic proportions! (Or maybe not... but then again... nope, no, definitely not.)

The United Spaceballs of Spaceball is a confederation of lunatics that live in the darkest, filthiest, most sordid realms of all Cthulhu's woebegone, wretched creation. They come from the future and live under a Socialist government that makes it so that all technology made has a grandiose, monolithic appearance to it but operates with all the effectiveness and efficiency of a... well, a... a... a bomb made from a soup can. Now, um... GET OFF MY SPLENDID, BEAUTIFUL LAWN YOU CHURLISH MISCREANTS... IMPERTINENT WHELPS... IMPUDENT IMPS!

Spaceballs, Spaceballs, Spaceballs, Spaceballs... Spaceballs.Edit

The United Spaceballs of Spaceball were initially dispatched by their domineering leader, ze Presidente of Spaceballiolio, who was a victim of tragic workplace hassling and harassment. They fought Lone Starr, puke in a bucket, and the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Spaceballs won, of course. 


Then, Lone Starr and Homestar Runner came back for revenge, killed every last Spaceballian and caused Ze Presidente, a detestable loser called Dark Helmet, and the guy who started Kentucky Fried Chicken to asplode.

Lonestar vs Dark Helmet04:28

Lonestar vs Dark Helmet

The universe's vilest fiend proves himself so vacuous that he thinks he can take on the might of DARK HELMET! Oh, wait... He won... Um...

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