The Wilsons

There goes the neighborhood.

This article contains content related to the most important family in the comics universe

Reading this will immediatly decrease the value of your real estate.

Pet Wilson

They petted him and kissed him and hugged him and threw him around the neighborhood!

The Wilson Family is cheap. Henceforth, the never got a dog. They got a Pet Ball. This pet ball was simply known as Wilson.

Wilson had a bad habit of humping legs. At age four, just before he was transported to Another Dimension, Deathstroke shot the ball in its.... well, its ball.

The Ball would later be refilled with air and brought back for the movie Castaway.

In 2009 it was announced that The Wilson's Pet would have his own movie coming out. The movie will be a biography on the ball, and will be called "Casted Away". Wilson Bumaye will play the Wilson Family Pet.

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