Thor, Lord of All Hammers

Thor was the Norse God of hammers. He was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, the Gods of the Marvel Universe. There was another unimportant minor god who was involved, but he wasn't that important in the process.

Godly dutiesEdit

While being a superhero in the Marvel Universe, Thor was on the superhero team, The Avengers. But, the Norse God had other responsibilities. He head to bless those who weilded hammers, blacksmiths, carpenters, murderers, and such. He also was the God of something else less important...Thunder maybe? Anyway, Thor was also on the Council of Gods, a Council of all the Gods in the DC and Marvel Universes.


Thor was created at the beginning of the Marvel Universe, bla, bla, bladity bla. He was made a superhero/God and saved the world a bunch of times, the same old, same old every hero does. He had 45 enemies, kicked all there asses each time, but sometimes they got close to defeating him...more hero stuff... You know? This is boring, lets skip to the Behind the Scenes junk.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Thor got a day named after him: Thursday, which translates into Thor's day.
  • If you hold up a hammer in a lightning storm, Thor will get confused and kill you.
  • If you sacrifice a goat every other Thursday, Thor will never hit you with lightning, you'll just die in starving and in poverty.
  • If you shoot Thor in the left eye, the bullet will go through his eye, down his head, into his wind pipe, through his lungs, loopty-loop in the liver, through the colon, down his leg out his big toe and into your leg. He will then beat the shit out of you with his hammer.
  • Mjolnir, Thor's hammer. YOU CAN'T TOUCH THIS.
  • Thor has been shaking up with Steelstroke ever since her husbands death.

Notable AlliesEdit

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