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"Batman trained me to be there in case all of the well-trained professionals he works with all die at once, and there are only teenagers left to take their place."
― Tim Drake
"Damn, I would hit that so fast."
Harley Quinn
"To be honest, I got tired of being the one people shot at all the time."

Tim Drake was the third Robin after Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, the sidekick of Batman. Like most people who become superheroes in Gotham City, both of his parents were brutally murdered.

When he's not looking at porn on the world's fastest computer, he's usually busy driving around in a cool car or trying to kill Spoiler (aka Soiler. Those diarrea problems are BAD.) No parents to boss him around, and filthy stinking rich. Yes, he's living our dream life as well.


Gotham CityEdit

As Batman's go-to minion, Robin spends most of his time patrolling the mean streets of Gotham City. Like most children running around in tights bossing hardened criminals around, he's a pretty high target up there for potential murder. His two best friends are Spiderman and Batgirl, and he mostly sucks up to pimpmaster Nightwing.

Teen TitansEdit

Robin is also a member of those swinging cool cats, the Teen Titans. Graduated from Young Justice, which was the same group but even tinier brats. This provides him with an outlet for more of his friends and family to die in cruel and unexpected ways.

He acts all dark and terrifying, but it's mostly a coverup to hide his vulnerable soft creamy center. Deep down, he doesn't want to fight crime... he just wants to be held. Don't we all?

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