The Wilsons

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Wade Defarge

Wade was an overachiever that could never live up to his brothers.

"Wade LaFarge, half brother of Deathstroke the Terminator. If someone can't afford Deathstroke, the call Deadshot. If they can't afford Deadshot, they call Merlyn. If they can't afford... well, you see where I'm going with this, right?"
Kid Flash to the other Teen Titans, explaining who he was.

Wade LaFarge, also known as the Billionth Ravager, is the half brother of the Wilson family. Unlike his brothers, Deadpool, Deathstroke, and all the other unimportant ones, however, he did not share the same mother as the others. No, he had Steelpool as a father, and Duela Dent as a mother.

Funny, eh?

Well, when his father died in a car accident and Duela left him to rot in a trash can as a baby, he ended up in a foster home. It wouldn't be until years later that he discovered he was an estranged member of the Wilson family.

Well, it turns out that all the coolness came out of Steelstroke, because he attempted to be a mercenary, like his brothers. Unfortunately, he was mediocre. Which left no one surprised that when he attempted to go after his half brother Slade, he got his ass whiped majorly.

Luck, however, would prove to be in his blood, and he would strike it rich. He lounged around all day and night, until, on a whim, he checked in with old Slade.

He was amazed by how many kids he had, but more amazed that two of them had died because of Slade's feuds with the Teen Titans.

So he donned the mask and gun again to go after his niece, Rose Wilson. She was also in the foster system, so he figured she would be a good person to raise, rather than that selfish bastard Deathstroke.

But the Titans whooped his ass, and Rose and her daddy castrated him in a dungeon all their own. Then they killed him. Slowly.

Abominations will not live long in the Wilson family.

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