"The accumulated filth of all their missing categories and redlinks will foam up about their infoboxes and all the Watchmen articles will look up and shout "Save us!" ... and <insert name here>
will whisper "Okay.""

Welcome to Project Watchmen, a collaborative project to create and expand upon current Watchmen-related articles, including the characters, vehicles, weapons, locations, and even articles related to the film, such as actors. After you have begun writing an article related to this project, it is requested that you add {{Project Watchmen}} to the article's talk page. While it is not a requirement, it is also strongly encouraged that you nominate the article of your choosing for Featured or Ace Card status assuming the article meets the necessary requirements for such. If you do receive writer's block upon writing for this project (and trust me, you will), feel free to seek help on the project's talk page and/or the IRC, where you can freely ask users for their input. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask the project's leaders on their talk pages.

Project MembersEdit

If you would like to join Project Watchmen, feel free to sign your name below. Additionally, if you feel you are up to being a project leader (something that only requires you to answer questions other users may have), you may add {{c|project leader}} next to your name.



Upon creating an article listed below, you may strike it out (add to each side). If you feel the article could still benefit from an expansion, you may also add it to the expansion section below. Don't let the list turn you off. There's no way in hell we'll ever create everyone of these articles. They're just here to serve as a list of potential articles we could have. thumb|300px|right|Cartoon Series


Again, after properly expanding an article listed below, you may strike the article out using the method listed above.


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