"Damn, so that's the thing that gives me my huge claws?"

The X-Jean, cause of all mutation.

The X-Jean. Just look at it. Doesn't it look malevolent? Doesn't it just look evil? The cause of all mutation, that's what it is. It was first discovered by a bald man named Picard Charles Xavier, who had this theory that if you could fit your body into a pair of Jeans made in such a specific way then you were, what he called, a "mutant". Doesn't sound a very friendly term, does it? Well they weren't very friendly jeans. They secretly had prickly-spike-thingies inside them, and could even be found inside people's bodies. Now, if someone said to you that if you could fit into a certain pair of genes you had special abilities and powers, you'd think he was an idiot, wouldn't you? Well, Xavier was an idiot, but that's beside the point. In this circumstance he was right.

So if you can contort your body into weird shapes, watch out. You just might have huge claws or something.

Kinda like puberty, I suppose, these special "abilities" grow inside of you, all because of these jeans. What's so special about this pair of jeans, you may ask? Well, normal people only have one pair of jeans inside of them. Mutants have two. Mutant jeans, however, can't get grass stains. Yeah! It's true! Just how handy is that? This, of course, led to mass jealousy, as the mutant jean is also marginally more comfortable, and cheaper, than it's normal counterpart. So, one time, a man tried to find a way to make everyone boring and normal, however a lot of people got very pissed off about this. Like the creation of the universe, this move was generally seen as a mistake. Despite this, it still managed to defeat the only sensible mutant, and ruin all our lives.

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